FIBA World Cup will convey a sum of 3.2 million euros in prize cash among the 32 partaking public groups, with each group getting a base reward of 50 thousand euros and the Main 16 groups getting an extra 100 thousand euros each.

FIBA B-ball World Cup 2023 members will get monetary support from the award store dealt with by the Global B-ball Organization (FIBA).

As detailed by Lukas Malinauskas of BasketNews, a sum of 3.2 million euros has been designated for circulation among the 32 taking an interest public groups.

It’s critical to specify that FIBA General Secretary Andreas Zagklis explained that there’s no award cash in the FIBA B-ball World Cup 2023.

Notwithstanding, the aggregates referenced beneath are pay for the public groups for their costs during their visit in the FIBA Ball World Cup 2023.

Pay for groups, taking part in FIBA Ball World Cup 2023:

Every one of the 32 public groups that certified for the FIBA World Cup gets a pay of 50 thousand euros.
Top 16 groups get an extra 100 thousand euros each.
Top 16 groups in FIBA World Cup 2023: Georgia, Greece, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Montenegro, Australia, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Latvia, Lithuania, Canada, USA, Serbia, and Germany.

The FIBA World Cup Finals day in Manila is booked for Sunday. Group USA and Canada will seek third spot, while Germany and Serbia will go head to head for the Naismith Prize.

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