The Oregon Ducks Men’s Basketball Team has offered Arafan Diane, a 7-foot sophomore center in the Class of 2026. Originally from Montreal, Canada, Diane now plays his prep basketball for Iowa United Prep.

The Oregon Ducks Men’s Ball Group has offered Arafan Diane, a 7-foot sophomore focus in the Class of 2026. Initially from Montreal, Canada, Diane currently plays his prep b-ball for Iowa Joined Prep.

His level and play has acquired him the “Child Shaq” epithet among certain scouts and media. Diane holds offers from Oregon, Arizona State, Texas Tech, Cincinnati. He is the No. 33 generally prospect in the 2026 class for each On3 rankings.

Notwithstanding his young age, Diane an affects the ball court. Per Joe Moussa of North Pole Circles, Diane matched facing 7-foot San Diego State commit, David Thokbur, and met his dunk endeavor with a horrendous block. Diane has additionally exhibited his capacity to play well in the low post.

On the off chance that those honors are insufficient for this large man, he is as of now one of only two players recorded in the 2026 Platinum Circuit, a chief manual for the top level projects and prospects in Canada and the US.

Diane is only the fifth b-ball offer made by the Ducks for the class of 2026. While still right off the bat in the enlisting system, Diane likewise has offers from Texas Tech, Cincinnati, Virginia Province, Arizona State and Utah State.

This young fellow shows every one of the qualities of a game evolving player. In that capacity, he is probably going to have various proposals as he keeps on fining tune his game. In any case, it ought to be enjoyable to watch him progress and, ideally, see him in a Ducks’ uniform.

Oregon’s 2026 offers additionally include: No. 1-generally speaking possibility point watch Brandon McCoy, No. 9 generally prospect shooting monitor Ikenna Alozie, shooting watch Cameron Holmes, little forward Elijah Williams and little forward Maximo Adams, among others.

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